Dr. Rachel

Meet Dr. Rachel (formerly Sambursky) Saine

Rising Wellness Founder, Dr. Rachel Saine, formerly Dr. Rachel Sambursky, a Webster Certified Vitalistic Chiropractor in St Pete FL, who’s passionate about creating a space for her community to thrive in their bodies and connect with their innate healing potential.

Early Life and Diverse Interests

From a young age, Dr. Rachel found herself always living a life out of service for others and passionate about her health. This included personal training, teaching yoga, and volunteer work at local animal rescues. Previously a competitive bodybuilder and crossfit athlete, Rachel but now focuses on functional movement and optimal health. She has a passion for health education, nutrition, functional movement, animals, service, encouraging others, and facilitating individuals to reconnect to their own innate healing potential through chiropractic. She is passionate, loves boating, working out, chill days at the beach, traveling and enjoys constantly learning. Dr. Rachel is deeply fascinated by the body, the intelligence and innate wisdom within.

Establishing Roots in Florida

Dr. Rachel completed her Bachelors degree in Exercise Science and Human Performance from The University of Tampa, Florida. She too suffered from health issues in her past (Lyme Disease, migraines, and sports injuries growing up) which led her on the path to wellness. In addition to this, she went on to follow where her heart was leading her, to Life University, College of Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia. Early on in school, she discovered the art and philosophy of chiropractic where she began to study more about roots of healing and foundational concepts of life. After she graduated with her Doctorate of Chiropractic, she then moved back to Florida to plant her roots, serving independently in Tampa before opening Rising Wellness Chiropractic in St. Petersburg, FL.

As part of her preparation and studies, she immersed herself in chiropractor training, seminars, mission trips, and mentorship programs, where she trained her skills, deepening her understanding and knowing. With life continuing to change and grow, Dr. Rachel continues her discovery through seminars and post-graduate courses. She utilizes these tools and training she has been a part of in addition to intuitively listening and connecting with each individual. It is her intention and purpose to support and serve individuals and families using chiropractic as a portal for deeper connection and discovery during the healing journey.

Certifications and Areas of Experience

Some of the certifications she holds are the Webster Technique, craniosacral therapy, training with BIRTHFIT Pregnancy & postpartum fitness instruction, certified yoga instructor, birth doula, training with International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and currently completing her Functional Nutrition certification. Dr. Rachel’s commitment to lifelong learning is evident as she continuously seeks to expand her knowledge in foundational health, functional movement, prenatal care, birth, tethered oral tissues, airway function, and the Webster Technique, all to better support her extensive community.

She has additional trainings in and has immersed herself in CST (Craniosacral Therapy), and Postural Blueprint Method and other courses. She is also a certified Yoga Teacher. 

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